Entertainment|June 27, 2012 12:06 am

‘Ishq Khuda’ may revive Pakistani cinema


With a blockbuster and a successful movie in the form of ‘Mohabbatan Sachiyan’ and ‘Salaakhein’ on his resume, Pakistani filmmaker Shahzad Rafique is determined to bring a revival in Pakistani film industry. He has focused all his directional skills on his latest upcoming movie ‘Ishq Khuda’ which is scheduled for a global release this Eidul Fitr.

Ishq Khuda

The film is based on a love triangle between Ahsan Khan, Meera and Wiam Ammar Dahmani. Centred on the theme of Sufism, Ahsan Khan explains that the film intends to show that when a person fails in the pursuit of worldly endeavours and passions, they start to question their reason for existence and start to struggle for a higher love. Shaan and Saima will have a guest appearance in the movie.

‘Ishq Khuda’ is extensively shot in the war-torn and flood-affected region of Swat. It is written by Saleem Zuberi and Pervez Kaleem.

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