Bangladesh, Other|June 17, 2017 4:41 am

13 Nigerians Trying to Enter Bangladesh Through Indian State of Tripura, Caught

Police in India’s northeastern state of Tripura caught as many as 13 Nigerian nationals who attempted to infiltrate into Bangladesh in the last 11 months. According to Tripura Police, Nigerians were caught while trying to enter Bangladesh without any valid document. Tripura police have recently witnessed an increase in the number of illegal influx of foreign nationals along with this channel.
The Tripura police are suspecting the Nigerians to be a part of a human trafficking network in the region. However, police added that the detained Nigerians have not revealed anything on the human traffickers, but it is still unclear that why they are trying to enter Bangladesh without any money or weapon.
According to the police, the Nigerian nationals were trying to enter Bangladesh from Tripura’s Beloni into Bangladesh’s Feni. During interrogation, the detained Nigerian nationals said that they were robbed by human trafficking syndicate.
The Tripura police on May 30, 2017, arrested a Nigerian national, where the man claimed that someone has said that he will get passage to Bangladesh. The police also arrested a 37-year old Nigerian national trying to infiltrate into Bangladesh and arrested.
During interrogation, both the detainees claimed that they are here to obtain Visa. However, according to Tripura police, they have investigated the matter and found nothing from them.
However, this was not the first time when the Tripura police have detained foreign nationals in the region. The police in this part of the country managed to stop illegal entry by arresting people without valid documents to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the most common countries by population in the world and it has witnessed the huge flow of Rohingya refugee from the neighbouring country Myanmar in the last couple of years.

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