Bangladesh, Entertainment|June 16, 2017 1:05 am

Bangladesh-India Joint Production ‘Boss 2’ to Face Hurdles before Release

The Bangladesh-India joint production film ‘Boss 2’, which is scheduled to be released on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr in Bangladesh may face another hurdle. The preliminary preview committee of the censor board alleged that the film has violated the joint production guidelines.
The committee said that according to the guidelines, the film should have an equal number of artists from both of the countries, which has not been maintained. The film features India’s Jeet, Subhasree Ganguly and Bangladesh’s Nusrat Faria on the lead. The joint production rules in Bangladesh suggest that such film should have half of the actors from each side.
While talking on the issue, the Managing Director of Bangladesh Film Development Organization (BFDC), Tapan Kumar Ghosh said that most of the artists featured in this joint venture are from India and the star cast of the film clearly demonstrates that the joint production guidelines were not followed in this case.
While stressing on the possible solution to the issue, the BFDC chief said that the committee will prepare a primary review of the film then it will be sent to the Ministry of Information for the final certification. However, dismissing the allegations, producer and director Abdul Aziz said that the joint production film has not ignored any rules and regulation, as it is produced with the accordance of joint production guidelines.
Mr. Aziz added that there were equal numbers of actors from both sides. The director from Bangladeshi part added that most of the Bangladeshi actors in the film are newcomers and that is probably why the preview committee could not recognize them. The Indian part of the film has been produced by Jeet Entertainment.

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