Bangladesh, Other|June 18, 2017 6:19 am

Bangladesh Ranks 134th in the Global Index of Save the Children

Bangladesh ranks 134th in the global index of “Stolen the Childhood Report 2017”, published on the International Children’s day on Thursday, June 1. The report suggests that Bangladesh has found itself among the low-ranking countries in the world. The report has been published by Save the Children at a press club in country’s national capital Dhaka.
The report has been published at a time when country’s Finance Minister AMA Muhith in a speech said that more than 40% of country’s population are children and the government wants to give them a brighter future by concentrating more on their physical and mental development.
In his budget speech, the minister also proposed to increase the allocation for a child-focus budget from TK 1,159.7 billion to TK 1,331.8 billion in the next financial year.
African nation Nigeria ranks at the bottom among 172 countries and it is the most threatened. While Norway along with other European countries like Finland, Slovenia, Netherlands and Sweden have secured their places in the top line. In South Asia, Bangladesh is ranked behind Island nations Maldives, Sri Lanka and neighboring country India, while Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan have scored less than Bangladesh.
According to the report, 10 countries in the world comprised of two-thirds of world’s total stunted children. India comes with 48.2 million, as the highest number of stunted children, while Bangladesh holds eight spot in the index with 5.5 million stunted children. The report also said that near about 17 million adolescent girls give birth across the world every year and more than 8 million cases happen in just seven countries. They are- Bangladesh, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and the United States.

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