Bangladesh, Other|June 15, 2017 11:52 am

Buddhist Monastery Distributed Iftar Meals to Poor and Hungry Muslims

As an example of communal harmony and interfaith compassion, a Buddhist monastery in Dhaka distributed Iftar meals to the poor and hungry people who belong to the Muslim community. This is nothing new as the Dharmarajika Monastery in Dhaka is continuing this practice during the holy Ramadan month since 2013.
The initiative has set an example of the secular spirit of Bangladesh, especially at a time when the country has been witnessing several incidents of religious intolerance since the last couple of years.
While talking about the initiative, the abbot Venerable Suddhananda Mahathero said that they are practising it with the perspective of communal harmony and humanity. He added that their aim is to help the poor anyhow and this is one of the many ways through which they want to help the poor and needy people.
The monastery distributes food in the every evening of the month of Ramadan, as a number of local people from Muslim community gather there and stand in a long queue in front of the monastery gate. People collect the food, with which they break their fast. The Buddhist monastery in Dhaka was established in 1951 and it is working to establish religious harmony in the society.
However, many local religious leaders called the act as fake affection from Buddhists to the other religious group and said that they are killing Muslims in Myanmar and distributing foods in Bangladesh. Some of them also said that Bangladeshi Buddhists should ask their brothers in Myanmar to stop killing Muslims and let them live in their country peacefully.
Thousands of Rohingya Muslims have migrated to Bangladesh following religious tension in Myanmar, where Rohingya Muslims have reportedly been murdered, raped and tortured by the Buddhists.

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