India, Other|June 16, 2017 1:50 am

Constable Arrested for Molesting Minor in a UP Police Station

A police constable at Karhal Police Station in UP’s Manipuri has been arrested on the charge of molesting a minor girl after a video showing the constable identified as Ishwari Prasad touching a minor girl inappropriately was uploaded online. The constable was suspended by Superintendent of police before he was arrested on June 4.
While talking about the incident, Superintendent of Police Rajesh S said that the constable has been arrested on the charge of sexual harassment under the IPC 354A and POSCO. The SP said that the constable was remanded to judicial custody and a departmental inquiry will be conducted in this case.
The incident sparked huge outrage across the state especially at the time when the police are making effort of cracking down on crime against women including sexual harassment with the information provided by anti-romeo squads. In the short video clip, constable Ishwari Prasad was seen touching a minor inappropriately, while the victim was seen objecting to the advances. The 1 minute 29 seconds long clip also showed that the young girl walking out of the room even when her sister was seen sitting on the floor.
According to the police department, a 16-year old girl along with her sister went to the police station on May 24, when Constable Ishwari Prasad misbehaved with her. Someone recorded the incident on a mobile phone and uploaded on social media.
However, this was not the first time when an official from the law enforcement in the state involved in such incident, as a sub-inspector from the same district had been suspended for sending obscene messages to a woman. Police Super Rajesh said that there is no place for such kind of behavior in the department.

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