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Family Members of Honor Killing Victim Running Campaign in Bradford


At the time when the Lahore High Court is getting ready for the hearing of the family members of Samia Shahid, the victim of honor killing, her relatives in England’s Bradford were seen campaigning against Pakistani-origin Labor Party politician Naz Shah for raising the issue.
The hearing in the case of the killing of Samia Shahid has been scheduled on June 14, as the Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah of Lahore High Court has already issued a notice in the name of Imtiaz Bibi, victim’s mother and Mobeen (sister). Soon after committing the crime, Samia’s mother and sister fled Pakistan and they are currently residing in Bradford.
Following her death, Samia’s second husband registered a case against Samia’s family members saying that Samia has become the victim of honor killing, as her family was not happy with her marriage and strongly opposed it. However, Samia’s husband Mukhtar Kazim had some reservations and that is why it took some time in the proceedings. Kazim asked the authority to move the case from Jhelum to Lahore.
In Bradford, where Samia’s mother and sister are presently residing, the Labor Party candidate Naz Shah has recently highlighted the issue, for which she has received death threats for multiple times from Samia’s family. Shah also requested Samia’s family to cooperate with authorities in Pakistan on the issue.
Bradford West is the place where Samia has grown up and her murder forced many people to take up the streets. Naz Shah is among the protesters, who has shown courage to raise the issue and demanded actions against the culprits. Authorities in Pakistan believe that Samia’s mother and sister had played a major role in the crime. According to the investigating officials in Jhelum, Samia was killed by her father and first husband.

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