Nepal, Other|June 18, 2017 7:02 am

Foreign Educators to Visit Nepal Aiming to Alleviate Teacher Shortage

Educators from an East Grand Forks elementary school have decided to spend a month in Nepal on training the local teachers. Kylie Melby from South Point Elementary School is among the teachers who will join the initiative. The 23-year-old teacher will join the team of 25 teachers and will be working with local teachers.
While talking about her recent trip to Nepal as a teacher, Melby, who has recently completed her first year as a teacher after earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education at UND, said that her passion for teaching has grown and she wants to develop her teaching skills. She added that working with local teachers in Nepal will be a great experience for her and she is excited about it.
Melby is currently studying for her master’s in education at the St Mary’s University of Minnesota. She said that she has taken several multicultural classes that have helped her in understanding other cultures. However, she added that others can apply different ways to get accustomed with, but it is difficult to understand it precisely until one immersed in it.
Melby, who has visited Nepal before said that she is excited about coming back to the country and giving what she has learned throughout her university course. In order to cover the costs such as travel, fees, vaccines and other expenses, Melby has started a GoFundMe page.
As many as 25 teachers including Melby, who were elected for the fellowship will visit Nepal in the month of July. A UK-based organization called Limited Resource Teacher Training will sponsor the entire program, which is aimed to alleviate the issue of teacher shortage in several countries across the world.

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