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Health Ministers of 22 Countries to visit Pakistan to Participate in a Conference


Pakistan has been chosen as the host of regional health conference that will be attended by the health ministers of 22 Asian and African countries. It is believed that Pakistan’s considerable achievement in reducing the number of Polio cases across the country helped it become the host nation for the prestigious conference that will be held in October, this year.
According to sources close to the health ministry, there was a time when Pakistan was on the threshold of travel ban due to the rising number of polio cases. Now, the hosting of such prestigious conference of health ministers is a great achievement for the country.
They said that the participating health ministers will hold discussions on various chronic diseases such as AIDS, TB and malaria, etc. The foreign delegates will also talk about how to make the region safe from such diseases.
The sources said that the number of polio cases reached an alarming level, but the government of Pakistan took the issue seriously and made effort to reduce the number of polio cases in Pakistan.
They said that with the coordinated efforts made by the federal health ministry and the provincial governments, Pakistan has been able to reduce the number of polio cases to just two in 2017. The sources revealed that Pakistan recorded a total of 306 cases in 2014, followed by 55 in 2014 and just 20 in 2016. Pakistan made a noticeable achievement when it managed to reduce the number of police cases in just two in 2017.
While talking about Pakistan’s latest achievement in eliminating polio from the country, Sajid Hussain Shah, from the Ministry of National Health PRO said that Pakistan’s achievement on zero polio target was highly lauded by the international community.

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