India, Other|June 16, 2017 11:01 am

Income Tax Department Found 18 Crores in Chocolate Seller’s Account

A chocolate vendor in Andhra Pradesh’s Vijayawada came under the scanner of Income Tax department after they witnessed a huge amount of transaction through his account. 30-year-old, C Kishore Lal received a call from the IT department that asked him to explain the transaction he made through his bank account.
Kishore Lal, who earns by selling chocolate door to door, cannot even dream about having Rs. 18,14,98,815 in his bank account. When officials from the IT department asked Kishore about the suspicious transaction through his bank account, he said that he has nothing to do with such huge amount of money. However, Kishore mentioned that he recently opened an account in Sri Renukamata Multistate Cooperative Urban Credit Society.
The IT department has noticed some suspicious transaction in Kishore Lal’s account over the past few months, where Kishore’s account aggregated more than 18 crores by frequently receiving money from Mumbai. Responding to IT department’s call, Kishore said that he has no idea where the money has come from.
The IT department has asked the bank to provide CCTV footage of the last 10 days so that they can confirm that Kishore is not involved in the case. However, the primary investigation suggests that the IT department is suspecting bank’s involvement in it.
Kishore is a chocolate vendor from Vijayawada’s One-town area, who owns a small place to keep stock and goes door to door to sell chocolate in a locality and other nearby areas. According to local vendors, Kishore is a simple man and he has no way to earn such huge amount of money. Kishore has requested the IT department to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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