India, Other|June 17, 2017 11:54 am

Jilted Lover Put Man on The Rader of Anti-Terrorism Squad

The Pune Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) hunted down a man, hauled him out from his house and asked questions involving possible terror attack in Mumbai and Pune before discovering it was nothing but a revenge plot that went wrong. Mumbai Police received a purse from a woman with some cryptic messages suggesting terror plots in Mumbai and Pune.
While describing the fact, a senior RPF official said a woman approached the RPF constables Ashok Kumar and Dheeraj Kumar, who were on the duty at Dadar BMC bridge on June 2 around 9.30 am with a blue purse and said she found it on the staircase.
The on-duty officials asked the 24-year-old woman to accompany them to the stationmaster’s office, but the woman refused to follow their suggestion saying she was in a hurry. The purse was brought to the RPF office, where Assistant Sub-Inspector K M Bachav searched the purse and found a handwritten chit inside it. The handwritten chit talked about some kind of blasts in Mumbai and Pune along with a mobile number.
Soon after the findings, the RPF informed the ATS that started a parallel probe. The ATS traced out the owner of the mobile number and picked up Muzaffar Shaha. Throughout the investigation, the officials discovered it as a revenge plot, as Shaha told them he was in a relationship with the woman, but could not marry him because he was already married and jobless at that time.
The investigating officials then laid a trap and nabbed the woman. During the interrogation, the woman claimed that Muzaffar cheated her by keeping his marriage secret. He even started ignoring her and that is why she wanted to teach him a lesson.

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