Nepal, Sports|June 16, 2017 11:14 am

Members of Suspended Cricket Association of Nepal Reluctant to Step Down

Nepali Cricket is still struggling to overcome from its bad phase, as the deadline for submitting a report on the reform of country’s cricket regulatory body to the International Cricket Council (ICC) is drawing near. Following a disputed election at the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) that resulted in government interference, the ICC suspended the body last year.
However, the ICC allowed Nepal’s national team to participate in the international tournaments, but the suspension drew huge setback for the development of cricket at the domestic level. Earlier, the ICC directed the Advisory Group to send its recommendations to the global regulatory body of cricket. The ICC also asked the advisory group to review the present constitution of the CAN and recommended transforming the association into a cricket board by organizing fresh elections.
The Advisory Group came up with a plan, which had been prepared for six months and proposed for a three-tier structure in the regulating the cricket in the country. The proposed three-tire structure will be comprised of the district committee, general council and the executive committee.
The Advisory Group also said that all the officials involved in the disputed election body and the government-formed committee have stepped down. However, the head of the disputed elected body Chatur Bahadur Chand has not agreed to the fact. While talking on the issue, the general secretary of the body Ashok Nath Pyakurel said that all the members of the body have been elected by the general assembly and the district bodies and if they are now allowed to take part in the governing body, its validity will be in question. This scenario is now leaving a big question on the future of Nepal’s cricket.

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