Entertainment, India|June 15, 2017 12:23 am

Rating Pakistani Films and Serials Better Than Indian Ones, Paresh Rawal Expressed Desire to Work in Pakistanv


Prominent Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal has recently expressed interest for working in Pakistani film and television. The actor said that yes he would love to work there, as he loves watching Pakistani TV shows like ‘Humsafar’.
The Bollywood actor recently faced huge criticism for his controversial tweet against renowned writer Arundhati Roy and it seems the issue has forced him to change his stance on ongoing India Pakistan tensions. Praising the skills of Pakistani actors, directors and writers, Rawal said that he loves most of Pakistani TV serials, because the way they act, direct and write their stories is simply amazing. However, he termed Indian TV shows as ‘boring’.
This is not the first time when Paresh Rawal raised his voice in favor of Pakistani films and TV shows, as in 2014, the ‘Hera Pheri’ actor said that Hollywood is too far, he even cannot compare Indian films to Pakistani TV shows. The actor said that Pakistani films and shows are far superior than what Indian film industry produces.
Paresh said that Indian film industry should produce more smart and humorous films. He added that Indian filmmakers do not make such films in the fear that audience will not understand and like their content. The actor also said that he is against the idea of banning Pakistani artists from working in India, but mentioned that the time is not right to make it a reality.
Rawal stressed that it is not only about Pakistani artists, as there should be no ban on anyone or anything. He added that nothing has happened with the Pakistani actress worked in a latest Hindi movie, because the mood of the country is good at the moment.

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