Entertainment, Pakistan|June 17, 2017 12:38 pm

Singers and Performers Vowed to Address Social Issues through Music


Artists and performers gathered at a musical event organized by the Music and Welfare Society (MWS) to demand their due right and respect. They also vowed to address several social issues through music. The event was organized at Nishatarabad in Peshawar on June 5.
All the artists and performers passed a resolution to the provincial government demanding probe into the allegation of mishandling of funds in the recently held Hunar Mela. While speaking on the issue, young and talented singer Rashid Khan said that local authorities should take measures, so that the right of the artists and performers can be secured. The young singer also raised the question on why the organizers have invited artists from Punjab, while local talent was being ignored.
Another young artist Pashto poet Fitrat Buneri, who attended the event, said that Pashto music not only belongs to those hailing from music families. Other well-qualified singers can perform it too. The participating artists also urged local authorities to organize such events and raise funds to support not only the poor artists but also provide fund the welfare of their children’s healthcare and education. The participants said that it is their responsibility to use their talent to educate local youths and restrict them from engaging in anti-social behavior.
While speaking at the event, the chief of the MWS said that the sole purpose of establishing the MWS is to help the musicians and artists and it is working at its best. Senior Pashto singer Gul Sharaf Ustad said that all the artists, singers and performers should come together to demand their rights and work for the welfare of others. However, the singer regretted that services of the artists have not been recognized and acknowledged yet.

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