Sports, Sri Lanka|July 30, 2017 6:27 am

Echoes of Triumph with the Victory of Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank (ComBank) has recently won the Mercantile ‘A’ Division League hockey tournament 2017 as the undefeated Champions in the Astro Turf Colombo. The players, especially the stickers of Commercial Bank have proven their excellence against the team of Hatton National Bank in the Final League Encounter. The Stickers successfully managed to set them down by 3-0. This is pretty devastating for the rivals and for the supporters as well. Along with an unbeatable bravery Milinda Sapugasgodage, Anju Hewage and Milan Ariawansa of ComBank can be described as the men, who are behind the gladsome victory.
The team had delivered an aggressive performance against the rivals which could be described as the result of a great combination of teamwork and mutual understanding and cooperation. The dynamic performance of the players had made everyone wonder, who were present at the stadium and helped them to earn the badge of the Hero.
The ComBank Team has defeated the Sampath Bank by 3-1 on the run-up, and then Hatton National Bank was defeated by 3-1 in the first round. The second round was seemed more depletory as the Sampath Bank was defeated by 5-0 and the Hatton National Bank was defeated by 3-0.
With honor, ComBank were the knockout as well as the sevens champions last year. The team has also won dozens of champion trophies during the previous years. The credit of the victory is given to the leaders. Former National Captain Milan Ariyawansa and former Vijaya College Matale led the team this year and which helped them to achieve the unadulterated taste of success and echoes of triumph. Rohan Dissanayake, a renowned coach from the Country, used to be the mentor of this team in the early days.

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