Bangladesh, Entertainment|July 31, 2017 7:06 am

High Court Orders to Exclude Ban on Shakib Khan

Bangladesh High Court holds a notice on Bangladesh Cholochitro Paribar with a clearance to act in three different films for Shakib Khan, the renowned Bengali actor. The actor will play a key role in three films from the very famous Production House, Shapla Media in Bangladesh. The three films from Shapla Media are Mamla Hamla Jhamela, Kotha Diye Keo Kotha Rakhe Na and Ami Neta Hobo.
According to an online Bengali daily, severe pressure from Bangladesh Cholochitro Silpi Samiti towards all the popular Film Organizations requesting not to cast the actor created several barriers. Now all the paths are wide open with the precious decisions made by the highest judiciaries of the Country.
An allegation of undermining other actors like Faruk and others were imposed upon the Bengali actor, which was issued by a notice from Bangladesh Cholochitro Silpi Samiti, a platform of 18 different Film Organizations on July 28. They requested others to not cast Shakib in any films.
The production house of the three films which were signed by the actor also challenged with a petition to the High Court of Bangladesh with the legality of the notice. Soon after going through the petitions the High Court also issued a question behalf of Film Development Corporation (FDC) questioning their intention for imposing a ban upon the actor. They are also requested to answer another question on the legality of their notice within a time period of four weeks.
Following the petition, the Justice Bench of AKM Zahirul Hoque and Justice Salma Masud Chowdhury passed the order to exclude ban from the Bangladeshi actor, Shakib Khan. This is not happening for the first time, similar instances of banning can be found in the previous year also.

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