Bangladesh, Other|July 29, 2017 1:28 pm

Hospitals in Bangladesh Endangered due to the Massive Outbreak of Chikungunya

Recently, many people with Chikungunya fever symptoms are filling the hospitals in Bangladesh with long queues. This has become a common picture in the Dhaka medical college in the capital city now a day. A large number of people are coming to the hospital just to consult with the doctors, meanwhile, the hospital also has opened up a help desk just to handle the overflow for the viral disease. The picture is reported to be the same almost in many other hospitals in the city. Hundreds of patients are reported to be gathered in the Government owned as well as in the private hospitals also.
The disease is spread by the infected mosquitoes and it causes joint pain, muscle pain and fever to the victim. Many of the patients have come from distant places, as the local hospitals have referred them to the Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. According to the statement of a popular online daily, Director of Dhaka Medical College Brigadier General Md Mizanur Rahman admitted, the disease is being spread in geometric progression, as it is a mosquito-borne disease. He adds, “If mosquitoes bite you today, one or two days later someone else in your family will also be infected. We often say that this disease usually does not kill anyone, but if someone has diabetes, kidney or other critical diseases then there are many other risks for those patients”
There are dozens of respondents who reported similar occurrences; the officials are trying their best to make people aware of the fact and precautions to handle the disease. Bangladesh is considered one of the nations with a high risk of mosquito borne diseases, the disease was first detected here in 2008 and now it is frightening everyone. WHO report says the disease has presence only in Asia and Africa.

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