Nepal, Sports|July 31, 2017 7:25 am

ICC Asks CAN for Adoption of the Proposed Amendments

International Cricket Council (ICC) was seemed expressing a willingness and positive attitude toward the decisions of the advisory committee on the long awaited come back of Nepal, as an associate. Reported in an online daily, according to them The Cricket Association of Nepal also expects a general meeting in order to prosecute various corrections to the guidelines made by the advisory committee. Binay Raj Pandey, the President of Cricket Association of Nepal, Ashok Nath Pyakurel, member of elected CAN and Pawan Agarwal, the President of Cricket Player’s Association of Nepal have reached to discuss the issue in a meeting with ICC Officials, which was held in Kathmandu on July 22.
In a statement made upon the issue and discussion, Mr. Imran Khwaja, the Deputy Chairman of ICC told that they are excited with the overwhelming spirits and coordination revealed at the meetings. It is also true that there are debates upon dozens of issues but if all the issues will follow the visions as discussed, there will be a new dawn for Cricket scene of Nepal. He also uttered some positive envisions by depicting future possibilities that will enhance the scene by following numerous ways.
The origin of the root goes back in April 2016 when the Board intentionally interfered within some issues; following the incident ICC has suspended the CAN. More lately, CAN was reopened and run by an ad-hoc committee with an active initiative of Nepal’s National Sports Council (NSC). Chatur Bahadur Chand has been elected as the president of CAN. The glamorous happening took place at the annual general meeting without any permission of NSC. A new advisory committee has been formed by ICC in 2016 with the mandatory guidelines of a new statute of the Governing body and a fresh election.

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