Bangladesh, Other|July 30, 2017 6:08 am

Massive Population Boom soon going to Hit Bangladesh

Speakers in a roundtable admit Bangladesh is going to face the population boom in near future. The current fertility rate of the country is at 2.3, which requires to be reduced at 2.0 within upcoming four years, otherwise, the explosion cannot be handled. The massive fertility rate will cause imbalance and explosion if not handled tactfully.
A technical officer of UNFPA, Sayed Mohammad Hasan told if the rate remains the same, the population will rise up to 223.5million by the year 2041, but if it is diminished, the population will be 206.5 million. Addressing some of the concerning issues the speakers focused on the newly taken initiatives and family planning programmes that are in favour of reducing the fertility rate.
Prothom Alo, a popular Bangla daily and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organised the discussion at the newspaper’s office where Health and Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim was the chief guest. The discussion followed by different issues of population boom and the possible precautions to handle the situation. The speakers mentioned the work process of the Government where it is still working on some attempted targets like raising numbers of child deliveries.
Nevertheless, Dr Kazi Mustafa Sarwar who is the Director General of Family Planning denies the entire allegation and addressed all the programmes regarding family planning is effective as it was envisioned. Former caretaker Government adviser, Hossain Zillur Rahman admitted the Government would have to be more active and impromptu while implementing all these family planning programmes. Professor of Dhaka University Aminul Haque, associate editor of Prothom Alo, Abdul Quayum, parliament member Fazilatunnesa Bappi, Director General of Social Marketing Company, Taslim Uddin Khan were among the others who participated and represented their valuable opinion upon the concerned issue.

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