Bangladesh, Other|July 29, 2017 3:46 am

The UK to Interfere upon All the Sensitive Issues of Bangladesh

According to the reports, UK is soon going to be engaged with all the political parties of Bangladesh and their International partners in order to tighten the democratic accountability just for holding participatory elections in the Country. The Human Rights and Democracy Report says so on the condition of 2016. A report dated July 20, says the creation of the Election Commission will be helpful as it aims to maintain all the political processes by following an effective and fair manner. The report tries to depict the current situation; it says that during 2016 Bangladesh has not seen any significant improvement in the overall situation of human rights. The incidents like sectarian violence and extremist attacks against the minorities and religious communities continued along with persistence pressure on freedom of expression.
The British Government seems to be agitated by the presence of such a situation and according to their statement, they will not endure much longer to such inhumane activities in the availability of an impotent justice system and structure within the Country. It will make all the necessary efforts to tackle all the chaos. They have suggested for an open place for debate, where people are welcomed to discuss their issues on the same.
The Report compiles cases regarding various violations of Human Rights including extrajudicial murders, oppression, frequent terrorist attacks and many mysterious disappearances. Women and girls’ safety and rights are still among major concerns in the country. There are lots of examples where the new regulations are able to shut the Freedom of Expression. The British High Commission is highly in favour of the implementation of Supreme Court’s Judgment on the issues of arresting without any prior warrant and willing to handle the entire situation in an effective manner.

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