Bangladesh, Other|August 12, 2017 2:25 am

Doctors At Dhaka Medical College Separated a Conjoined Twin in Groundbreaking Operation

A team of doctors has successfully separated a conjoined twin at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Tuesday, August 1. This was the first time when doctors in Bangladesh have successfully operated a conjoined twin, where they have been able to separate the 10-month old twin through a 9-hour-long operation.
The groundbreaking nine-hour-long operation was conducted in two phases and it was successfully done by the team of doctors. The operation was completed at around 4.45 pm in the evening and while speaking about their rare feat, Dr. Ashraf Ul Haque, the Head of Pediatric Surgery at the DMCH said that the operation was the first of its kind in Bangladesh and they are happy to be successful in their effort.
Dr. Kaniz Hasina Seuli, the professor from the Pediatric Surgery Department at the DMCH said that the twin Toufa and Tohura are from Sundarganj upazila of Gaibandha and their conditions are improving slowly. The doctor added that they have regained consciousness and can move their limbs and cry. She said that soon after the operation, doctor shifted them to the intensive care unit to keep them safe from external germs and virus.
However, according to the doctors, the twins shared one rectum and single urinary tract. They were successful separated their rectum in October last year, but they will need two or three more operations to reconstruct their urinary tracts.
An associate professor from the same department, Dr. Shahnur Islam said that as many as 30 doctors and associates were involved in the operations. Dr. Islam, who supervised the surgery, said that it was a teamwork and now the entire team is happy with its success.

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