Pakistan, Political|August 10, 2017 12:48 am

Allegation against Imran Khan for Forwarding Inappropriate Messages


Ayesha Gulalai, former MNA of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf reported allegation against Imran Khan for sending improper messages to her. Gulalai brought this matter in a press conference where she told, neither she is concerned regarding the availability of a party ticket nor NA-1 seat. This is completely a baseless allegation. They had done many improper things, one of that was the message. However, she admitted but did not reveal any of the proof to support her grievances.
According to her statement, Imran Khan had sent improper messages from his Blackberry phone first in October 2013, she added that the politician urged other ladies to use Blackberry phones so that messages could not be traced. She emphasized for checking his Blackberry phone so that truth could be revealed. Gulalai also added that there were such abusive words, which cannot be tolerated by any respectful individual. Imran Khan had lost his self-control. This is not something very new to that particular party as there are numerous similar cases where women have to undergo various bitter experiences. Gulalai addressed that she felt safer when she was in PPP; party workers used to respect their women out there.
She came up with a number of cases that made her uncomfortable with PTI. She told, once she heard appalling words for Late Benazir Bhutto and became shocked, another case where she told the PTI had some unique criteria for getting the party tickets which she couldn’t fulfil, she addressed numerous similar issues and announced that her interest to leave PTI. While talking on the reason she claimed the unsafe environment for women as well as Imran Khan himself was a reason behind her decision.

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