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Audience in Pakistan Keen to Watch its Own Superhero Movie

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It could have been a clash of two superhero movies AT the box office of Pakistan, as the latest of Hollywood’s ‘Spiderman’ franchise and Pakistan’s own ‘Project Ghazi’ were expected to collide at the box office if the distributors decided to release them on the same date.
‘Project Ghazi’ is Pakistan’s first ever superhero film and it was scheduled to be released in this August, but after the screening of a half-cooked film, the producer decided to push its release date ahead. However, ‘Project Ghazi’ is not the first superhero featured movie, as director/producer Saeed Rizvi released Pakistan’s first sci-fi movie named ‘Shanee’ in the late 1980s.
Director Saeed Rizvi had created a village of his own liking and theme of the movie was similar to the popular comic of ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’. He was the first man to introduce well-choreographed fight sequences in Pakistani films.
The movie was released in March 1989 with huge craze and the cinema halls were filled with the audiences of all age groups mostly schools kids, accompanied by their parents. However, the golden era of Pakistan cinema did not last for a long and the industry collapsed.
Project Ghazi is an effort of director Nadir Shah to revitalize the local film industry. Has tried his best to make it a blockbuster in Pakistani box office like what Saeed Rizvi did in his time. The trailer of the Project Ghazi received a good response in social media and if everything goes well, then nothing can stop it from ruling the box office for a number of weeks.
People, who remembered ‘Shanee’ and its craze among the audience, would definitely expect the same from new Pakistani superhero film.

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