India, Other|August 11, 2017 1:32 am

Bike Taxies Soon to be Launched in India

According to a report, it is said that the Government of India is thinking about bike taxis on a bigger scale. According to the statement of Nitin Gadkari, the government is launching an app, which will find a new and economical way of commuting. He envisioned the facilities of bike taxis would help by providing affordable transportation to the people in remote areas of the country. With the active initiation of private players, bike taxies had been previously launched in several places in the country. Gadkari also told they are planning to launch bikes as taxies and a cab aggregator platform to offer different modes of transportation for a person.
He also told unemployment could be termed as one of the major problems of the country. It’s the duty of Government to provide jobs. He hopes the decision will be effective, as it will generate employment for lacks of people. A lot of problems regarding commuting can be seen in the rural areas of the country, the idea will help those people. Moreover, he told unlike Ola and Uber, it would work for the common people. The government would play the role of its facilitator. While the minister was asked about all the charity of commercial bike taxi regulations, he told that’s under process.
Emphasizing upon the issue of employment the Minister told the government would arrange training for the trainee drivers and by following the procedure it would be possible to recruit 50 lakh people. He also told that the decision will help to replace the choice of transportation by bus. India had been suggested to replicate the London Transport of Authority Model where all the public buses were replaced by luxury buses and any common man can travel by that by paying 40% less price.




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