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Christian Community Asks For Admission Quota in Pakistan

source: www.christiansinpakistan.com

Christians, who live in Pakistan, stood up for an admission quota for the first time. Continuously reported cases depict how the Muslim students are often considered where as the others are not. A number of reports say Muslim students often get increased marks or avail several advantages, but the others remain deprived. In this regard, Pakistani Christian Community is now protesting and demanding of an admission quota alike the Muslim students in Government-run Universities and Colleges. On July 22, a number of people from Christian Community protested against this deprivation and social injustice in front of Lahore Press Club.
Zahid Nazir Bhatti, Chairman of Pakistan Minorities Unity Council told that Higher Education is something that cannot be snatched away in anyway; the Government should also look upon the interests by imposing an education quota of 5% for the minority students as well. He also shared his concerns with the Education structure in Pakistan now a day. He told that the literacy rate is not something very promising in the country; people should keep on fighting until the justice comes along the way.
Journalists and Christian Human Rights activists met the Provincial Minister for Religious Affairs in the previous week and discussed some similar issues. The ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Government allowed a rule where students will get extra marks in the admission process if they can memorize Quran. These students will avail 5 to 10 extra marks at the time of recruitment for Government Jobs. The rule had been implemented since 1992 and effective until date.
It is a matter of shame that there are no such rules for other religions. Different initiatives from different organizations had been taken before, but no effective outcome or hope seemed to arrive.

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