Entertainment, Pakistan|August 4, 2017 10:16 am

Countdown begins as the Coke Studio Season 10 is Coming Soon


One of the most popular music shows in Pakistan, Coke Studio is about to inaugurate its season 10 in the August of this year. Coke Studio is one of the most successful, innovative cultural platforms over the years. The popular programme has featured dozens of musicians on the platform that has created a madness among its fans. The past periods are the observers of increased scores of the singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, recording artists, producers, wardrobe specialists and of the person behind set designing.
Coke Studio has successfully built a bright image if the event despite many of the external challenges to the fans. It has built an international fan base in more than 150 countries around the globe. An initiative like Coke Studio has recaptured the market of music in Pakistan and helps it to bloom in a wider stretch. In a conversation on the topic of Coke Studio, Rizwan U. Khan, the General Manager of Coca Cola Pakistan, said that they have started this challenging journey a decade ago and have come a long way.
“ Looking back, we feel greatly humbled that Coke Studio has been able to achieve so much, in terms of bringing virtually unknown or little known musicians into the national limelight, re-introducing music genres like qawwali and Sufi music to the youth of Pakistan, continuing to stay true to the promise of producing quality fusion of music and practically playing an important role in reviving the music industry of Pakistan,” he added.
Coke Studio has been a great platform to communicate with the outer world for the new comers as well as for the established ones. Season 10 is going to feature some of the biggest names in near future-reported an online daily.


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