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Helping Hands between Turkey and Pakistan to Strengthen the Health Structure

source: www.hizmetnews.com

The mutual relationship between Turkey and Pakistan is gradually developing over the fields of health sector. A written statement from the embassy of Pakistan came out on July 27 in Ankara. Remarks were received from Sohail Mahmood when an 8-member delegation visited the Punjab Public Health Authority. Dr. Shabnam Sarfraz, Chief Executive Officer also visited Turkey to learn about ‘successful experience in health transformation’. A number of historical as well as cultural roots have been discussed and plans on economic, political, cultural and educational fields have been discussed as well.
Different issues of concerns have been discussed and Health sector has been identified as the new field of mutual assistance. The Chief Executive officer also addressed that efficient health services led to the change and helped them to access the benefits positively.
He also uttered that the initiative of active cooperation of developing country’s health structure will surely affect the surroundings. The two countries have been engaged in the development process over the particular field. It is essential to address that a memorandum of understanding had been signed in between the two Nations in the August, last year. The memorandum was signed just to increase the cooperation over the field and closer the bond.
According to a report published in an online daily, a statement on the delegation reports learning disease surveillance and response system has been included among the other things. According to the statement, Turkey has achieved radical improvement over the fields of knowledge and practice of healthcare. Primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare system seemed to have developed radically. Moreover, Hospital management, health emergency response, paramedic education and training seemed to have improved a lot than the previous years.

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