India, Other|August 12, 2017 1:42 am

Supreme Court Says No to Arrest on Dowry Cases

Supreme Court of India prohibits the act of arrest on dowry cases until the charges are inspected carefully. Expressing concerns over continuously reported cases of abusing the Anti-Dowry Law, the Supreme Court puts a ban on the arrest on July 27. Coercive actions also cannot be taken until inspecting the grievances carefully.
There are numerous frequently reported cases, where women have been seemed to abuse Section 498A of Indian Penal Code just to humiliate husband’s relatives and others. Such cases are not new but this is the first time a bench of UU Lalit and A K Goel has done something unconventional from dominant judicial conception where repeatedly women are portrayed as silent mourning victims who are unable to do any kind of protest. They also expressed concerns over disgusting and troublesome cases where human rights of innocent are being humiliated and the actual evildoer is able to escape. They also uttered their concerns over the rapid increase of such cases in the society, now a day.
Supreme Court has ordered all the states to formulate the new Family Welfare Committee (FWC). From now, the dowry related cases will be inspected by Family Welfare Committee first and after verifying the charges further steps can be made. The bench told there are numerous cases where the complaints are blurry not even sufficient to take an action. The bench told that violation of human rights of the innocent would not be endured.
The court has also put a prohibition on impounding of issuance or passports of Red Corner Notice against those, who live abroad, Court has suggested that needs to be avoided. It has also stated a designated police officer should only investigate such complaints, which come under Section 498A.

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