Bangladesh, Other|September 30, 2017 4:07 am

Helicopter Transportation is About to Expand in Bangladesh


A Bangladeshi expatriate from London, Mizanur Rahman returned to his home in Bangladesh recently and contacted a helicopter service provider in Bangladesh in order to travel to Comilla from Dhaka.

According to his statement, the way of commuting seems easier and comfortable.  In abroad, people prefer to use helicopter services for transportation.  Patients and businessman seem to have opted for the alternative in order to avoid traffic jams and conserve time.  The usage of the helicopter for the purpose of commuting does not seem like showing off or luxury now a day.  The usage of the helicopter is not a usual thing; helicopters are specially used for the purpose of film shootings, advertisements, marriage ceremonies, different political programs and for the purpose of visiting different economic zones.

The usage of helicopters has been increased in the recent years.  A number of tour operators are offering rides at an unbelievable lucrative price in recent times.  The tour operators provide their services on the flying route of Dhaka-Mawa-Dhaka and Dhaka-Jamuna bridge- Dhaka.  According to the statement of an official, people prefer to fly to Ruppur, Meghnnaghat, Syedpur and Mongla from Dhaka. Most of them are businesspersons.  He also told that some tour operators are planning to provide helicopter service in between Dinajpur-Dhaka and Khulna-Dhaka route.

According to the report of an online daily, Iqbal Hossain of Meghna Aviation had remarked that the business of helicopter transportation was not that much profitable in reality.  However, it has a beautiful vision.  The process may take a long time.  He also addressed that helicopter services are becoming famous for carrying patients, but there are only two helipads located in the capital city of Dhaka.

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