India, Other|October 12, 2017 12:49 am

Agitation over the Poor Quality of Bathukamma Sarees

The event of Saree distribution in the state of Telangana on September 18 witnessed a huge protest by the women beneficiaries. The women had pointed out that the Bathukamma sarees, which was distributed, were very poor in quality. The neighboring districts and Adilabad also have witnessed a few protests and disturbance in many places. A beneficiary from neighboring village of Emaikunta in Indervelli mandal of Adilabad district, Gunta Laxmi told the wage of 150 had gone astray in expectation of this 50 piece of cloths. As an outcome of rage, a few sarees had been burnt at Bad ka Mahalla of Adilabad town and many other places.
There are many women in the Agency Villages in Inderavelli mandal and Pardhanguda who ruled that they have been given regular sarees instead of nauvari saree. While asked about the product, another elderly woman replied that the sarees are of no use due to the poor quality. Some of the women also complained to receive a defected piece as well. Women around the state gathered to receive the sarees at different venues as per the announcement of Government, hoping that an average quality saree would be given to them.
The women thought they would receive good quality handloom saree but received very low-quality product for them, following the uproar the Government shook. Forest Minister Jogu Ramanna had started the program for the first time. A. Indrakaran Reddy, the Housing Minister remarked all the sarees were bought from Surat as the weaving work remained incomplete at that time. In this regard, women protested against the Government, they also questioned on the quality of the products, which had been distributed on the day.

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