Bangladesh, Other|October 8, 2017 5:30 am

Aid Carrying Truck Crashes in Bangladesh, 9 Dead

In a sad incident, a truck full of humanitarian aid for Rohingya Muslim Refugees has been veered off the road and gone into the ditch beside the road. The incident took place in Bangladesh near a Rohingya Muslim Refugee camp. The mishap and took lives of nine aid workers who were working there at that time. The field of politics in Bangladesh had been shaken due to the recent problems of immigration from the neighbouring Buddhist nation Myanmar.
According to the statement of an official from the International Committee of the Red Cross, all the people who had been victimized of this mishap were Bangladeshi workers. They had been hired at the refugee camps for distributing food packages to 500 Rohingya families alongside the border of Bangladesh in Bandarban district. Lakhs of Rohingya community has taken shelter in Bangladesh after the militant attack of Myanmar in the month of August. According to a report near about 500,000 Rohingya Muslims had fled to Bangladesh in past three weeks. Now they are residing in the refugee camps in Bangladesh along with no whereabouts about the future. While asked more regarding the situation, the official denied admitting before media, as he was not an authorized person to speak to.
The crisis of Myanmar began after few insurgent attacks committed by Rohingya militants of Rakhine state of Myanmar. The attacks had forced the government of Myanmar to take the decision of military crackdown upon the Rohingya community. Till date, hundreds of people had been killed and their homes had been burnt down. Aung Swi Prue, a medical administrator of Bangladesh told, six workers had died on the spot while the remaining three breathed their last after reaching to the Hospital.

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