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Couple Commits Suicide on the Day of Marriage

According to the reports, a tragic incident took place at Vetapalem located in Prakasham district on the night of September 19 and 20. Two engineering students had plunged to death intentionally as their relationship had not been accepted by the family members and parents. The name of the students had been disclosed by the police later. Battula Sandeep (23) and Bhogireddy Mounika (22) committed suicide by plunging on the railway tracks at Vetapalem on September 19. They took the decision on the intervening night as their relationship had not been accepted by the family.
Sandeep used to be an inhabitant of Timmasamudram, located in Naguppalapadu Mandal of Prakasam district. He was pursuing 3rd-year from Chirala Engineering College. Mounika was also used to be a local of Modukuru located in Guntur district. She was a student of the 2nd year and pursuing her B.Tech in that same college as well. According to sources, they used to be good friends at first and then they became intimate and decided to get married. They belong to different castes. As caste difference is a major problem seemed in India, their parents had denied to accept their marriage as an outcome of this reason.
On September 19 Sandeep and Mounika had been headed to Vijayawada and got married. They had been aware of the fact that their parents might not accept their marriage due to different reasons; therefore they decided to end up their lives together and went to Vetapalem located in Prakasham district. Before committing suicide, Sandeep had informed one of his friends that they were about to commit suicide as a husband and wife and he also asked to donate their organs. The bodies had been recovered by the railway police and sent for post-mortem.

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