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Family Hired for Spreading Dengue Mosquitoes in Pakistan Hospitals

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source: www.i.dawn.com

Dr. Shehzad Akbar, the director of Hayat Abad medical complex has revealed a dangerous information regarding the outburst of dengue mosquitoes in the premises of hospitals.  He also revealed another incident happened within the hospital that four members of a family had been spotted while releasing dengue species of mosquito carried within shopping bags.  The awkward incident inside the hospital had been possible to capture with the help of the newly installed CCTV.  The officials had found the quirky incident from the footage of CCTV and looked forward in order to investigate the matter.

Soon after starting the investigation they had been able to capture all the family members who had appeared in that footage.  The four members of the family consist of Liaqat, his son Safiullah, wife and daughter.  They had been asked to be left to the investigators so that they could investigate the matter accurately.  Committing crimes inside the hospital premises had been observed previously, however, this kind of incidents could never be heard of.  When the family had been asked regarding the matter, they confessed they had been highly paid for carrying those mosquitoes to Peshawar.  The capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that had been suffering from this viral fever also had caused by the same mosquito.

Soon after carrying out the investigation, the family had been freed from Pishtakhara village after warning them however, the investigators could not ascertain on the fact who had hired them to commit such a crime.  This year, a major portion of Pakistan has been victimized of deadliest dengue fever.  According to report near about 27 lives had been already claimed in the regions of Peshawar and Pishtkhara.


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