India, U.S|October 12, 2017 3:12 am

Inaccurate Portrayal of India and Hinduism in the School Textbooks says US-based Hindu Group

According to a US based Hindu Group, authorities residing in California had suggested few corrections to the textbooks in a few schools after the incident of the negative portrayal of Hinduism and India has been detected in their text books. A community of Indian origin has been struggling to eradicate several inaccuracies and different myths regarding Hinduism and India from the textbooks for publishing inaccurate information on the books. The state of California also permits that the books should follow the framework laid down by the Department of Education. The department has tried to prepare the framework based upon various inputs from the scholars, students and the community members on different Hindu concepts like Yoga and Dharma, Sages Vyasa and Valmiki and Indian achievements in science and technology.
According to the statement of California based Hindu Education Foundation (HEF), the department has been trying and suggested to eliminate a few contents from two publishers. Communities have been affected due to the inappropriate portrayal in the textbooks. This time the Hindu Americans, LGBT, and African-American communities have raised their voice against the matter and visited for a public hearing held by the CDE’s Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) this week, which is linked with conducting the process of textbook adoption.
According to the statement of Shantharam Nekkar from HEF, there are still inaccuracies and stereotypes, which are required to be rectified soon. He also stated that previously the History-Social Science textbook framework (state guidelines) for India and Hinduism has been ignored by a number of publishers. He also emphasized that they would continue to rectify all the information regarding Yoga, Hindu philosophy, Sanskrit and Tamil Sangam literature, Jainism, and the contributions by Hindu Dalit saints and sages from the textbooks as soon as possible.

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