India, U.S|October 12, 2017 3:44 am

Indian Origin Man Achieved Leadership Position in the Task Force of Democratic Party

Raja Krishnamoorthi, an Indian American Congressman has been appointed to a leadership position on September 14. The man has been employed to lead the task force on the economy of Democratic Party. Krishnamoorthy (44) would be served as the co-chair of the newly built task force along with his colleagues Darren Soto, Susan Delbene and Debbie Dingell. Krishnamoorthi would represent the Congressional district located in Chicago. According to an official statement issued by the Government, this could be termed as a unified effort behalf of the party to build a legislative agenda, which would help the middle-class families and hardworking Americans.
According to the statement of Raja Krishnamoorthi, the economy is heavily dependant upon the execution of required skills by the worker and the adoption of advancement in the field of business. As a part of the New Economy Task Force, he would look upon working with his colleagues in order to accomplish these purposes. He also remarked that the economy is rapidly changing its structure and the workers are facing different challenges regarding jobs. The new force is likely to offer unique approaches to job growth by measuring all the advancement of technological shift and upgradation, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and many other things so that the workers would be always prepared for tomorrow.
The task force aims at the exploration of various opportunities and resolutions for the workers in America. In short, the force works for the betterment of the entire nation and its residents. The co-chair would meet with different people from many sectors in upcoming months and discuss relevant issues regarding the workers and the infrastructure of business across the United States of America.

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