Nepal, Sports|October 7, 2017 4:20 am

Kanchi Maya Koju Shows how Passion Leads to Triumph


Kanchi Maya Koju has represented Nepal in more than 19 International sports competitions as a runner.  She had recorded her personal best in the Olympic games of 2004 and managed to bag a silver medal in the 10th south Asian games.  It would be relevant to admit that Kanchi Maya Koju had been honoured with numerous awards and titles across the nation.  Pulsar Sports Awards is one of the biggest awards giving ceremony of the nation. Kanchi Maya Koju has been rewarded with people’s choice award for her 21-year long career in the field of sports in the year of 2016.

According to the belief of Kanchi Maya Koju, luck and hard work had changed her fate of life.  She also admitted that the journey would remain incomplete without the immense support and guidance of her friends and family.  While asked about the beginning of a journey in the field of sports, she fails to recall when it had actually begun.  She always had a soft corner for sports from the days of her childhood.  She admitted that she had participated in various inter-school competitions and won them easily.  It was her teachers to observe her strength and suggested her to concentrate upon that in order to make it as a career in future.

The suggestion was probably the turning point of her life. She also remarked that running can be the beginning for all kinds of sports. She admitted, the best thing about running is that you won’t have to cooperate with other partners or consult regarding the matter. All you could do by your own if on the field. She recalled that the beginning was not as smooth as it became these recent days.

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