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Many Celebs in Support of Mahira After Her Photo with Ranbir Went Viral

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One of the most popular Pakistani actresses Mahira Khan recently faced huge criticism after her controversial pictures with Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor went viral. In the pictures, the actress was seen wearing white backless dress and smoking alongside the Bollywood actor. However, a number of Pakistani celebrities raised a voice in favour of Mahira and Ranbir.

Mahira’s fan in Pakistan took the photograph seriously and criticized the actress for hurting their sentiment. In her support, famous Pakistani singer-come-actor Ali Zafar in a handwritten note said “every woman has the right to make her own choices in life (as long as she is not hurting anyone). Just like men do.”

Likewise, Pakistani actor and comedian Osman Khalid Butt criticize the hypocrisy in the society and shared a picture of two Pakistani actors smoking through his Twitter account and took on the critiques for maintaining double standards. In another post, Osman wrote “Girl would still have been objectified/been subject to misogynistic, perverted comments. The rules are different. How do you not see it.”

Supporting Mahira, singing sensation Momina Mustehsan requested people to give Mahira a break and not to judge the actress with just a photograph. The singer also said that it is her own life and people should let her enjoy it. The controversy drew the attention American comedian Jeremy McLellan, who recently visited Pakistan and forced the actor to write some words on it.

In his Facebook post, the comedian wrote as saying that when people hear an allegation or rumour about someone they respect, they should immediately note down what made them believe it. He also said that there should not be any double standards attitude when judging someone.

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