India, Other|October 10, 2017 6:27 am

Mumbai University to Declare All 477 Results

Mumbai University has finally managed to reveal all the results of 477 different examinations held in between April to May of this year. The results of these examinations had been stuck for a chaos over the assessment process in the online mode. The results of these examinations should have been revealed in the month of June to July. According to a source near about 10,000 results are remaining, moreover, there are 4000 answer sheets that need to be assessed soon. A large number of applications, approximately 34,000 have been submitted till date by the students for revaluation. According to the statement of the university, it would focus on this process only for upcoming few weeks.
Students are continuously reporting anomalies in their results, recent complaints have been surfaced from students who had complained earlier that their seat numbers were wrong and issued by the university. According to the statement of acting director, Arjun Ghatule, the university has finally managed to reveal all the results. He also emphasized that the university would continue to focus on the remaining results and different cases of revaluation. The process of revaluation has already been started by the officials, the papers would be available to the teachers within a day or two. The callousness of university before implementing online assessment of over 22lakh answer sheets turned into a nightmare for few students.
Few students have lost their admission opportunities due to the delay of the announcement of the result, they are now forced to drop a year. This is how the students have been affected by the callousness of University. When asked regarding this matter, two students from the university shared their experience and expressed their doubts over the results.

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