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My Pure Land Gets Official Entry for Oscars, Selected by Britain

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source: www.newasianpost.com

‘My Pure Land’, a Pakistani film, produced by London-born Pakistani filmmaker Sarmad Masood, gets an official entry to the 90th Academy Awards.  The Urdu language feature film has been selected by Britain for Oscar 2018 submission underneath the category of foreign language film.

The film stars’ Pakistani dancer-actor Suhaee Abro and it has been shot completely in Pakistan amidst difficult conditions.  The storyline of the film is based upon a true incident.  The plot of the movie follows the story of three women consisting of a mother and her two daughters.

The story of the film is about a land located in rural Pakistan. The film is based on a true story of Sindh’s Nazo Dharejo, the elder daughter who had fought against the army of 200 bandits with the help of her mother and sister in order to protect their land, located in rural Pakistan. Nazo Dharejo is the name of the elder daughter, who is a courageous woman and tries to protect her land from the rivals with the aid of her mother and sister.  The character of Nazo Dharejo has been illustrated by Abro in this movie.

The movie cast popular artists from Pakistan like Sohai Ali Abro, Salman Ahmed Khan, Razia Malik, Tayyab Afzal and Iman Fatima in different leading roles.  The film was first screened at Edinburgh Film festival and My Pure Land has been released in the United Kingdom on September 15. The movie has received mixed reviews after it is being submitted for the nomination for Oscars. Till date, this is for the first time an Urdu film has been selected by the authority to send to the Academy Awards.

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