Pakistan, U.S|October 11, 2017 3:05 am

Pakistani American Comedian Kumail Nanjiani is likely to Host SNL

The Saturday Night live started its 43rd season from September 30 with Ryan Gosling. He belonged to the category of the timely host, thanks to the Blade Runner 2049 also coming this fall. There is also another problem with the previous episodes in a Saturday Night Live season that is most of the big movies of the season has come and gone as well. Therefore, in order to celebrate a number of movies, which have been liked by everyone for last few months (or maybe to plug their DVDs), Saturday Night Live would like to follow Gosling’s episodes along with an episode hosted by Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot.
According to reliable sources, one of the episodes would be hosted by The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani, the Pakistani actor. The Saturday Night Live episode of October 14 would be hosted by the Pakistani American actor Nanjiani along with the pop star Pink. Recently Kumail Nanjiani has been seen on the screens in the critically-acclaimed indie comedy, The Big Sick. Saturday Night Live could be termed as one of the most popular programs across the United States.
The participation of Kumail Nanjiani in the show has created a buzz within the film industry of Pakistan. According to few, the participation of Kumail Nanjiani in an International talk show would represent the talent of Pakistan to the world. Kumail Nanjiani has earlier appeared in the headlines this year. Recently the actor has shared a tweet regarding the event that reads Gadot’s episode will air on October 7 with musical guest Sam Smith, and Nanjiani’s will air on October 14 with musical guest Pink.

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