Bangladesh, Other|October 12, 2017 2:23 am

Retired Indian Army Veteran Accused of Being an Illegal Immigrant

According to a report from a popular media outlet from India, a retired Indian Army veteran has been accused of being an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh. The report also confirms the name of the army officer as Mohd Azmal Haque. He had served the Indian army for 30 years. Mohd Azmal Haque took his retirement in 2016 as a junior commissioned officer from Indian Army. Assam police have filed a case against Mohd Azmal Haque on October 13 and the case would be heard by the Foreigners’ Tribunal soon. When asked about the matter, Haque told this is immensely pathetic, he has cried a lot and his soul has been broken.
He also told that he had not any idea that he would have to face such a day after 30 years of contribution to the Indian Army. He also questioned, in case he would have been an illegal immigrant of Bangladesh, how would it be possible to serve for the Indian army? The candidates have to underpass through the process of police verification; thereafter a candidate could enlist their name in the army. Haque claimed to have undergone through the legal process.
Issues of trespassing and trespassers are very common in the regions of Assam. People from Bangladesh are crossing the border on a daily basis. The newly formed BJP governance has assured to prevent these issues entirely. Mumtaz Begum, the spouse of Mohd Azmal Haque also had faced similar allegations earlier. They had shown all the legal documents at the tribunal court at that time and the court announced her as a proper citizen of India. People seemed to criticize Assam Police over the matter on Twitter.


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