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Rohingyas Would Not Be Allowed to Enter Sri Lanka

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The world is a witness of atrocities committed by the security forces in Myanmar. International politics has brought this matter to limelight. However, the stand of international politics and International Media has revealed the double standards on the issue of immigration and ethnic cleansing.  Recently, the Internal Affairs Ministry of Sri Lanka and the secretary told that they wouldn’t allow any individual from Rohingya community from Myanmar to enter the island country of Sri Lanka. Nihal Ranasinghe, the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka told that they would issue visas to the nationals of Myanmar, they would not allow any Rohingyas to enter their land.

Wayamba Development, Ministry of Internal Affairs and D Swaranapala, Secretary of Cultural Affairs remark that asylum seekers from Rohingya community visited the island in the year of 2008, 2013 and 2017, all of them had been handed over to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He also emphasized and assured the people of the country that there will be no trace of Rohingya Muslims within the country.

The statement had been made on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka after rejecting the reports.  Previously the Government of Sri Lanka had planned to stop issuing visas to the Myanmar in order to prevent the Rohingyas from entering the nation. S.B.Navinna, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka told that it was the Government to take the decision of preventing Rohingyas to take refuge in their nation.  He also warned others by saying that they might have a try to enter the land as a tourist, all the people must be aware of the fact.  His comments followed by a Buddhist rally that took place in Colombo in support of Myanmar Government.


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