Pakistan, U.S|October 10, 2017 3:39 am

Roshni Rides Won the Hult Prize Challenge in the USA

A tendency of bringing laurels to the country can be observed among the Pakistani students now a day. The Hult Prize Challenge in New York has been snatched away by four Pakistani-American students namely, Gia Farooqi, Hanaa Lakhani, Hasan Usmani and Moneeb Mian. Moreover, they also won a colossal sum of $1 million along with that prize. The winning approach has been aimed at revolving around empowerment of the refugees across the globe with a network of transportation and this idea has been termed as Roshni Rides.
The four Pakistani-American students had proposed to launch a unique a rickshaw shuttle service which looked almost similar to the subway system of New York. The rickshaw shuttle service would be used to provide transportation services to the immigrants residing in the densely populated urban areas located in regions of South Asia. It’s a tough thing to manage an affordable ride in this region. Rickshaw shuttle service would help the people to avail affordable ride in these areas. It would provide its services to the schools, institutes without any hesitation. According to the statement of one of the team members, Gia Farooqui, America is full of diversity, anybody could help others and your look doesn’t matter here.
The initiative of Roshni rides has been categorized under three streams. There would be Roshni stops at hospitals, schools and markets. The consumers would have to use their pre-charged cards in order to pay for their rides. While participating in the Hult Prize Challenge, former U.S. president Bill Clinton selected that the initiative of Roshni Rides as the winner of the challenge. He also told that the initiative looks great to solve a public problem at once.

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