Bangladesh, Other|October 12, 2017 5:58 am

Season 2, Rise-High Bangladesh has been Organized Successfully

The season 2 of Rise-High Bangladesh had been organized in Rajshahi University on September 18. Previously, the season 1 of Rise-High Bangladesh had promised to promote newer and innovative exporting ideas in the future, and they have organized their second campus activation this year. The event took place in the premises of Tukitaki Chattar in Rajshahi University. The event had been promoted with the slogan ’be the next export leader’. The event attracted a number of students of the university. The event had been well decorated with posters and banners along with adequate information regarding the contest.
The event started nearby nine and it continued till 5 pm. However, there were regular classes, a large number of students seem to be turned up at the booths located within the campus. There where Rise-High volunteers who had explained the matter to the students and a number of students seemed to be interested in the event. The venue seemed to be crowded all the day with hundreds of students, who had appeared to learn about their initiatives, objectives, rules and participation. One of the most interesting parts of the event was the puzzle solving contest.
The students were required to choose clue card from a bunch of cards on which information on Country’s imported goods is written. They only had to guess the name of that country. Winners received their rewards at the end of that event. Shakib Raihan, a student from sociology department told he had become so happy that he managed to grab the prize in the puzzle contest; he also told that the game was very interesting to give a brief on exporting ideas. Vice Chancellor from Rajshahi University told such events should be organized over and over again.

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