Pakistan, U.S|October 11, 2017 2:09 am

Thousands of American People Rescued by Pakistani American Restaurant Owner

The community of Pakistani Americans has always remained generous whenever any necessity has appeared. There are hundreds of people, famous for their uniqueness. Such a hero, owner of Pakistani restaurant named ’Chatkhara Grill’ located in Houston, Texas. Texas has been victimized of the deadly Hurricane Harvey that caused widespread destruction across the region a month earlier. A huge area had been flooded. According to the reports, near about 100 cm of rain has been recorded in those regions. A vast number of people, approximately greater than 30,000 had to deal with hardships and abandon their houses.
It’s a pity to admit that out of 30,000 people; only 17,000 people had managed to take a shelter. Syed Amir, the owner of ’Chatkhara Grill’ had stretched out his helping hands in order to save those people. He had taken a great initiative of helping those victimized people. His restaurant, ’Chatkhara Grill’ used to prepare free foods for the victimized people who were going hungry at those days. According to the reports, near about 6000 people, who had been rescued were given free foods in lunchboxes. The boxes were contained of various items like naans and biriyani, the speciality Pakistani Food.
A number of organizations also stretched out there helping hands to conduct rescue missions around the regions of Texas at that time. The distribution of the food packages had been made easier by the National Guard while conducting their mission. According to a number of people, Syed Amir has created an admirable example of doing a great thing.


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