Bangladesh, Other|November 8, 2017 1:02 am

Agitated Mob Beat Policemen in Bangladesh


Two policemen were beaten black and blue by the public when they found that those two policemen were beating up a soldier of the Bangladesh Army upon an inconsequential thing at Charghat upazila located in the regions of Rajshahi. The incident took place in Baladiyar Village under Nimpara union on October 27.  According to the statement of Abdus Samad, the Nimpara Union Parishad Member remarked that a private (Sainik) in the army named Yasin Arafat had come to Baladiyar to meet his in-laws recently. He had rented a motorcycle from a family member in order to learn to ride it.

As per his statement, during the time of practising on the road Charghat Model police station ASI Shaheen and a constable stopped him on the way. As he was new and could not properly ride, he failed to stop.  As an outcome of the violation, the policemen grabbed and beat him with the help of their rifle butt that caused him severe injuries on the head.  Soon after the occurrence of the trouble, the news spread across the neighbourhood just like a wildfire.  People from the adjacent villages had enraged upon the police force for their cruel action and soon tried to do the same with them.

They caught those policemen and tortured them, vandalised their motorbikes. It made them run out of the place and took a protection in an adjacent place. Hours later, Charghat police Officer-in-Charge Nibaran Chandra Barmand had rescued the victimized policemen from the crowd.  According to the report of the Dhaka Tribune, he told that they had some misunderstanding with the people and he would try to fix it as soon as possible.


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