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Butcher of Pakistan Arrested in Hungary


Police in Hungary has arrested a Pakistani migrant accused of killing at least 70 people in his home country. In a statement, police said that the man was detained near the southern border with Serbia along with a group of illegal migrants trying to enter Hungary. Police confirmed that they have identified the 35-year-old Pakistani national by the initial A.Z.
Police in Hungary’s Bacs-Kishun county said that an international arrest warrant was issued by Pakistan against him and they are suspecting the arrested man to be the real culprit. The department, however, refused to give any further details on the issue.
According to the police, they conducted raids in bordering area after a tip-off from Austrian authorities. They also said that the arrested man was planning to enter Austria with the help of human traffickers. Confirming the report, Austrian police said that the arrest of the illegal migrant had been made after they tipped-off Hungarian authorities.
While speaking on the issue, Austria’s Interior Minister Wolgang Sobotka said that the successful arrest of the most wanted criminal shows the importance of international cooperation in combating crime. The minister also congratulated the Austrian security agency on this success.
According to a source close to Hungary’s investigating agencies, the arrested man is known as the “Butcher of Pakistan”, but Hungarian police do not have adequate information on what kind of crimes he has committed in Pakistan.
It is believed that the western Balkan route that stretches from Turkey and goes through Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria and then the rest of the continent is the most preferred way for illegal migrants. The issue of immigration is currently dominating Austrian politics, as anti-migration politician Sebastian Kurz has recently secured most of the votes in his favour and planning to head a coalition at the centre.

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