Pakistan, Sports|November 14, 2017 7:17 am

Cricket Board Adjudicator Refuses Sarjeel Khan’s Plea to Scrutinize the Spot Fixing Ban

Test batsman Sharjeel Khan from Pakistan has been accused of illegal spot fixing. The verdict has been imposed on him by an anti-corruption tribunal on the charges of spot fixing in a match. The announcement has been made out in the month of September, but the batsman had requested the organization to scrutinize his involvement and asked them to review the case. Recently, an independent adjudicator of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had denied the request of Sharjeel Khan.
The adjudicator and Ex-Supreme Court judge had cancelled the application of Sharjeel as well as the plea made by the PCB in the search for a prolonged and a strict punishment and burden of a huge penalty upon the batsman. In this regard, a five-year prohibition has been imposed on Sarjeel by the Anti-Corruption tribunal of Pakistan. However, about half of it has already been suspended and Sharjeel had been found guilty on five different counts of charges related to the anti-corruption code of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in the month of September.
Sharjeel and another Pakistani representative Khalid Latif had been sent back from Dubai after being fired by the anti-corruption code of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The lawyer of Sharjeel had confirmed that now he would file another request in the high court. The cricketer has pleaded not guilty to all five charges imposed upon him by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and also had demanded the cancellation of the prohibition forced upon him by the tribunal. On the other hand, PCB has also had filed another request demanding a longer punishment and bigger penalty on Khalid.



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