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Elite Police Victimized of Roadside Blast in Pakistan’s Quetta


Minimum seven police officers had been killed and many others wounded by a deadly roadside blast that took place in the southwestern Pakistani township of Quetta. According to the statement of local police official Muhammad Akbar, the attack had been conducted by the suicide bomber aiming at the truck that was carrying police personnel on the city’s main Saryab road on October 18. Sarfaraz Bugti, the provincial home minister remarked that elite officers had been victimized to death in this attack. According to the statement of Sanaullah Zehri, provincial Chief Minister, six police officers along with a civilian had been killed and near about 22 injured.
He also added that it was indeed a suicide attacker who seemed to arrive in the car along with 70-80kgs of explosives with him. News footage is describing the brutality of the incident. Police had cordoned off the neighbourhood around site instantly just after the attack. The religious armed groups like the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and armed ethnic Baloch separatists often target the capital of Balochistan province, Quetta. According to the statement of Bugti, the people of Balochistan are combating this warfare on the forefront.
Till the last reports, no groups have claimed the responsibility for the attack on October 18. There are various active militant groups in Balochistan like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the TTP and many others. Recently five people had been victimized by a deadly attack that had been targeted at the minority Hazara Shia Muslim community of the region. In addition, a suicide bomber also had killed 18 people near the Sufi shrine of Jhal Magsi, which is located 165km away from Quetta.

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