India, U.S|November 9, 2017 5:47 am

Father of Missing Girl Child Told Police That He would Watch Her Die

The mysterious disappearance of a three-year girl child Sheryn Mathews in the regions of Texas had created a buzz within the society. The girl had gone missing since October 7 when his father Wesley Mathews left her outside of their house in the post-midnight. Soon after the incident, the police had taken the duty of further investigation and taken the father to custody on different charges. Recently, the police have dug up the incident and recorded frightening statements from the father of that missing girl child. Police have recovered the dead body of the child on Oct 22 in a culvert beneath a road close to the house of Sheryn.
According to the statement of the arrest affidavit, the father had confessed that he punished his daughter and wished she would choke on milk and die. Then he had taken her body out of the house and on the very next day informed the Texas police. On October 24, the police have revealed the entire occurrence in form of a series of graphic statements from Wesley Mathews in an arrest warrant. The incident started when the baby was not listening to him and denied to drink milk. It led Mathews to physically assist Sherin in drinking milk. Later she had choked and seemed to cough and gradually her breathing was stopped.
The father also told that he had checked her pulse and could not find any. Then he thought she had died and tried to remove her body from the house in the late night. On October 23, the police had revealed that they are preparing criminal charges against Wesley Mathews with possible punishment of lifetime imprisonment.

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